Family Counseling

(Medical Family Therapy : patients and their family counseling)

The problem of one family member affects the entire family, and the family also has a significant impact on the individual family members. Especially, in the time of change in life, the family can feel confused, experience conflicts, and might hurt each other. They feel alienated, lonely, and not understood. Through family counseling, families with these difficulties can understand the changes their families are currently experiencing, establish new roles and relationships, and build a platform for them to grow together.
We offer family counseling services from a broader and more inclusive perspective to modern society where various forms of the family exist.

Medical family therapy (patients and their family counseling)

Patients suffering from physical illnesses such as dementia, cancer, disability, or chronic illnesses may experience confusion, anxiety, and depression. Disease treatment can change the roles and relationships of not only patients but also family members, and family caretakers may also experience depression and anxiety.

We aim to consolidate patient’s motivation for treatment through family counseling and individual counseling and help the psychological, emotional and relational difficulties experienced by patients and their family members. We reinforce healthy family relationships by discovering the strengths of patients and their families as well. Our service is provided through cooperative relationship with the patient, family, and medical staff.

Family Counseling Area

Expected Effect after Counseling

  • Improving motivation for treatment

  • Healthy decision-making and conflict resolution

  • Emotional expression and acceptance

  • Improve emotional intimacy among family members

  • Becoming supporters of each other

  • Re-establishing the roles of family members

  • Improve emotional intimacy among family members