Couples Counseling


The difference in the environment you have lived in and the difference in personality and values might cause conflicts in a relationship. When you understand these differences and appreciate them, you can change the troubling relationship to a comforting and supporting one. Small misunderstandings in a relationship can lead to deeper conflicts if not processed properly. You will be a great companion to each other with the help of experts at our Center.

Prospective and Newly Married Couples Counseling

Based on the proven couples relationship test, we can find out the strengths and the areas of growth as couples. We also explore the family of origin and its unfinished issues, effective communication skills, conflict resolution skills, the expectation of marriage, and values and beliefs, Through this process, you will be able to set shared goals as a couple.

Couples Counseling Area

Expected Effect after Counseling

  • Lowering the divorce rate

  • Understanding yourself and your family

  • Understanding your partner and his/her family

  • Healthy Conversation

  • Healthy Expression of Emotions

  • Stability and Growth in Relationships

  • Empathy and Intimacy

  • Confidence in Decisions